Thursday, August 4, 2016

Transfer week.

Hi y'all!

This week was crazy! I said goodby to Sister Philpot early Tuesday
morning and she took the bus up with all of the other missionaries
going up to Austin. I then met my new companion Sister Martin! She is
so great! She is originally from Montana and had been serving in South
San Antonio for the past 6 months. She is also the new lead Sister
training leader so she works a lot with President Polley and the
Assistants to coordinate meetings and trainings with the other

Wednesday I spent the day with other Sisters who cover the Young Single Adult 
(YSA) ward because Sister Martin spent the day helping the new missionaries come
in. (No suitcases were lost this time, but we did get a thunderstorm
and a ton of rain on Wednesday). It was fun to get to know more
Sisters and to see more of San Antonio. The adventure of the day was
that our car almost got stuck in the mud.

This weekend we biked a ton. We were able to see an investigator "Joe"
this week. He has met with missionaries for a while, but I have only
met with him once. Sister Philpot and I had stopped by a lot for the
past month and were never able to see him. We saw him this weekend and
were able to have him come to church this Sunday so that was really

We have a lot of appointments set already for next week and a new family 
is moving in and wants to meet with us so I am
excited for the upcoming week!

Sister Olsen

Picture 1&2 Sister Martin and I out and about
Picture 3 Saying goodbye to Sister Philpot
Picture 4 Deer!

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