Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Giant asparagus and pokemon that go to church;)

Hi y'all!

We we received our transfer information this morning.  Sister Philpot is going to leave early tomorrow morning and head up to Austin and I will be staying in here in San Antonio.  It will be sad to have Sister Philpot leave, but I am excited to meet my new companion tomorrow.

We have been teaching a teenage boy for a couple weeks now.  He is interested in learning more because he said that his friends that were Mormon were always so happy.  We get that a lot. Why are Mormons so happy? I know that it is because we have the fullness of Christ's gospel in our lives.  True happiness comes from God and Jesus Christ.  The more we focus on our Savior the happier we will be.  It really is that simple.  I have seen it in my own life as a missionary and in the lives of those who we are teaching. 

Sister Olsen

Picture 1: "giant asparagus" 
Picture 2: This church is right next to ours and I thought the sign was funny. 
Picture 3: 1st district here in Texas :)
Picture 4: Me and Sister Philpot with our recent convert (they are going to really miss Sister Philpot)

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