Monday, August 15, 2016

Rain or Shine the Work Moves Forth - updates from the last two weeks.

Hi y'all! 
 It was another great week!
I was able to spend the night with some other sisters this week
because Sister Martin had a meeting in Austin. It is always a lot of
fun to see the different mission apartments and to meet more Sisters.
We were able to meet with "Joe" again and answer a lot of the
questions he had. He came to church again on Sunday and expressed that
he was ready to work towards baptism. So we are excited to continue
meeting and working with him.

We were able to go to the mission home again this Sunday evening. It
is always such a privilege and a blessing to go to the mission home
and meet with President and Sister Polley. President Polley always
talks with so much love and excitement. He talked to us a lot about
working hard and having the faith to find. I know that as I continue
to work hard that we will find more people that are prepared to accept
the gospel.

It is still hot here and we still bike a lot. However, there is
nothing I would rather be doing right now. Nothing is more rewarding
then helping people come closer to Christ. :) 
Sister Olsen
It is such a blessing to live by the temple :)

Hi y'all! 
I have been here in Texas for two months now and am starting to really
speak the language. In other words "y'all" has been added to my
vocabulary. I haven't quite reached the point of saying "all y'all",
but time will tell...

The first part of the week was super hot. We were out biking and no
one was really home so we were really hot. Sister Martin found Oreos
in her bag, so we took a short break to eat them (picture 1).

Yesterday after church it started raining. We started biking and it
was lightly sprinkling, which was a nice change of weather. As we
continued biking, it started to rain harder. By the time we made it to
the person's house we were going to visit, we were very wet. (Picture
2). The rain definitely cooled us off and we actually got a little
cold. It has been so hot here that I was beginning to forget what it
felt like to be cold.

This week we had some cool experiences. One night we were walking in a
neighborhood and we were able to stop and talk with this woman on the
side of the street for 45 minutes. We were able to share our beliefs
about Christ and what his sacrifice means for everyone. She isn't too
interested in joining the church, but did really enjoy talking to us.
I know that it wasn't by chance that we were able to meet and that God
really does guide people into our path.

We also were able to go over to an older couple's house. They haven't
been able to come to church as often because of health problems.
Sister Martin has an amazing voice and was able to sing them a hymn.
They loved it and it always amazes me how much music can invite the
Have a great week! 
Sister Olsen
Oreo Break

Sister Dickson is my second companion this transfer because our companions are the lead sister training leaders. We are together when they are in meetings and go on exchanges with other sisters.

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