Monday, August 29, 2016

3 Months Strong + Last week - The Miracle of Avoiding the Rain


It is crazy to me that I have now been out on the mission for 3 months now. It has gone by so fast. So much happened this week!

This week we had another really great lesson with "Nate".We taught him once way back in the beginning of July.  He has been really busy starting his own business so we haven't been able to meet until last Monday night.  He is really interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon. Hopefully, we can continue work with him and help him find the time to meet. The gospel has so much to offer and can be a tremendous blessing in our lives, we just have to make time for it. 

This week we were also able to teach "Marie" she is a Chinese woman who I have been teaching while I have been here. When we first started teaching her she had no religious background.  It has been so amazing to see her progress in the gospel. She has learned so much in such a short amount of time and is now praying with her son!

Also this week I got to go on exchanges again. On Friday I was in the Balcones Heights area of Texas. Sister Dickson and I were able to teach a woman who was recently baptized. She thanked us at the end of the lesson and told us that it always brightens her day when the Sisters come and visit. Really it was our pleasure to come. I love brightening people's day. :) 

My favorite scripture this week is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"

Have a great week!

Sister Olsen

Picture 1/2 We exchanged back in Boerne which is a cute little old town. We were able to grab some lunch at a hamburger shack. 
pictures 3/4 were from last Monday when we got lunch 
Picture 5 we saw two different hairless cats this week. This is one of them. 
Picture 6 Texas has pretty clouds and sunsets :)




We received a lot of rain this week, but miraculously we were able to
avoid getting wet this week. On Saturday we had a full day planned. We
had four lessons planned and a meeting that we had to get to. So, we
had to bike in order to get everywhere. The problem was that that
morning it was raining ( and the Forecast was for rain all day) and so
I was thought for sure we were going to get soaked. Luckily, the
rained stopped in the afternoon and we were able to get to all of our
appointments and stay dry. Once we went in for the evening it started
raining again. We were really happy and knew that we were blessed to
not get wet.

This week we had zone training meeting. The zone leaders and some of
the other missionaries gave trainings on how we can improve as
missionaries. One of my favorite part from the meeting was when the
zone leader turn to the sisters and said' "why are you here?  For the
elders it is our duty, but sisters you didn't have to come. So why are
you are here?" I could go on and on about why I am on a mission and
why I love it so much. I think it is best explained by one of my
favorite quotes from preach my gospel ( a guide to missionary service)
which says, "As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ
grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase". I know that
this statement is so true. As I continue to learn and understand more
about Christ's sacrifice my desire to share the gospel increases. I
want everyone to be able to learn more about their Savior.

This week we continue to work with our investigator  "Joe". He has
made a lot of mistakes in his past that has brought him a lot of
sorrow and pain. What has been amazing to watch is he Atonement work
in him. As he been meeting with, us coming to church, reading, and
praying, it has helped him receive more peace and happiness in his
life. He told us that he prayed really hard and long one night and
that he felt better afterwards. He also said that he isn't as angry
anymore. I know that as we turn our focus more on the Savior and rely
on him that he will lift us through our trials and difficulties.


Sister Olsen

San Antonio North Zone :)

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