Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Second week in Texas

Hi y'all,

It is my second week in Texas and it has been great.  Thanks to my mom, I now have a wardrobe :).  I am in an all biking area and to my surprise Texas is not completely flat.  In other words, I am getting in pretty good biking shape.  The tan lines on my feet are in the works. (Her companion had posted funny pictures of tan lines across the top of her feet).  I am sure it will be pretty obvious soon. I always put on bug spray, but I feel like I have inherited whatever makes mosquitos especially attracted to you, because I have way more bug bites then my companion.

One of the highlights of the week, was that we had a couple of investigators that we are teaching come to see a baptism on Saturday.  The other highlights are just small moments throughout the week where we are able to share a quick message of the hope and happiness that we all can have because of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I love sharing the gospel because of the happiness that it brings me and the people we teach. 

The main thing that I have learned being out here is how important it is to talk to everyone.  We ask a lot of people if they would like a pass-along card (a card with information about Jesus and contact information for the church)  and you can tell most of them are not very interested, but then every once in a while someone actually will be and you will have the chance to share a message. There was one man who we saw out fixing hail damage on his car.  We stopped by and shared President Uchtdorf's video on hope (you should try to find it. It is really good.  We share it to a lot of people) and we could tell that it really touched him.  I don't know how interested he was on joining the church, but it was nice to just help brighten someone's day.  

Sister Olsen

P.S.  Here is the URL to the video Lindsey referenced: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-05-009-a-mothers-hope?lang=eng

San Antonio Sisters
                                          Sister Olsen and Sister Philpot

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