Monday, October 17, 2016

Two Great Weeks in San Antonio


It has has been another great week here in the TSAM. The weather is cooling down and is starting to feel like fall, or San Diego. 75 degrees really is the perfect temperature. Transfers are next week which is crazy. Time goes by so fast! I am curious to see what will happen. Hopefully, I can stay with Sister Atkins because she is an amazing sister and we have a lot of fun together. Either way, I am looking forward to next transfer and all of the adventures and blessing that will unfold. 

We continue to try to find new people to teach. This week we got a text that a woman in our area that she wanted a Bible and a Book of Mormon. We get these referrals every once and awhile, but usually people aren't interested and just want a free Bible. Anyways, we bike all the way down to her area she lets us in and we start teaching her. She used to be of a Non-Christian religion and has recently converted to Christianity. It was really interesting to hear how/ why she converted. It was sincere prayer and scripture study that helped her come to know her Savior. While I was teaching her, I felt especially guided on what to say. I knew that I couldn't leave until I had shared with her the restoration, specifically Joseph Smith's first vision. She seemed pretty receptive and interested our message. Hopefully there is more to come on her in the coming weeks, but either way it was an amazing lesson. 

Spiritual Thought: This week I have been reading the new conference talks and studying them to find the invitations and promised blessings. One of them was Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita's talk, Be Ambitious for Christ. In it he invites us to be ambitious for Christ, which he  explains as being " motivated, focused, and dedicated to his work. It " means that we serve faithfully and diligently... without complaint and with joyful hearts". I echo the promise that he gives that as we are more ambitious for Christ we will find more joy in our lives. 

Sister Olsen 
Pictures 1-2: Sister Atkins and I with the sisters we live with, Sister Redd and Sister Gillespie

Hi y'all!
So much has happened this week!
The crazy: This week has been crazy busy. We have received 5 media
referrals in the past week and a half ( People can go on and
order a Bible and then we deliver it to them). We have been biking all
over in order to contact him. We also had another lesson with Pam and
her son this week. We were going to go by on Tuesday, but that morning
we felt like we had to change her plans. Sure enough Tuesday didn't
work for her and we were able to reschedule the lesson and bring a
member. We had a couple of other lessons  this week too. So we were
busy going to the different lessons and contacting the Bible

The amazing: There have been so many different ways that we find
people to teach. Most of the time it is through referrals ( either by
members, family, friends, or themselves), however sometime we are lead
to people and we don't even know it. That was the case for Mary.
We knocked thinking it was another potential. She told us through the
door no thanks. We started to walk away when she came out. We told her
we thought she said no thanks and she said "I did, but God told me
told me to ask you to say a prayer". She then let us in side and then
explained how she was going through a very difficult point in her
life. While she could be very angry, she has chosen to be very humble.
Her heart was so soft and she was so ready and willing to hear our
message. We said a prayer then introduced the Book of Mormon.  She
asked about our church location and came to church yesterday! I walked
out of May's apartment speechless and filled with gratitude. I am
amazed at how God was able to direct us to her when we weren't even
look for her.

The bittersweet: Transfers news was this morning. Sister Atkins and I
are staying together! I am so happy to be with her for another
transfer. We work well together. We have a lot of fun together while
still working really hard. However, we will be doubling out of Leon
Valley and only working in the 9th ward area. This transfer the work
has really picked up in Leon Valley and we have met a lot of amazing
people. I will miss working with them so much. I have grown to really
love people that live there. I look forward to being able to focus
solely on 9th ward and help the missionary work progress there this
upcoming transfer.

Have a great week!
Sister Olsen
Picture: 3-5 We also went on exchanges this week and I was able to
work with Sister Judd. :)

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