Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Conference, Flat Tires, and the Restoration

Hello everyone!

It was another great and eventful week here in Texas. This weekend was
General Conference ( when our Prophet, apostles, and other church
leaders speak to us). It was so nice to hear their words and counsel
for us. All of the sessions were so good and I would encourage you to
go back and read or watch it (lds.org). I really enjoyed President Nelson's talk
on Joy. He talked about about how we can always have joy no matter
what our life circumstances are as we focus of Jesus Christ. He
mentioned how as missionaries we teach people so that they can have
joy. That couldn't be more true. Over the last couple of months I have
seen that as people focus more on Christ, they become happier no
matter what.

Our adventure of the week was when we biked down clear to the other
side of our area ( about an hour bike ride). We parked our bikes and
were talking to  some people in an apartment complex. When we came out
we realized that my tire was completely flat. It took a while, but we
were able to be picked up by a member and fix everything.

In addition to getting a flat tire...Sister Atkins ran into a construction sign biking home this
week and was sore for a couple days. She is fine, but has a big bruise
now. Biking, especially in this area is like those computer games
where you have to avoid all of the random stuff in the road and where
if you run into something you loose a life. They should make a game
about sister missionaries where you have to avoid signs, thorn bushes,
trees, cars, bumps, logs, dead animals, trash cans, mailboxes and
getting your skirt caught . Then you could get a bonus when someone
gives you a ride or water or there is shade. The goal would be to get
to your lesson on time.  (Note all suggestions come from experience
and that we aren't always successful at avoiding these things...)

This week we went by to see Mary. She was referred to the missionaries by
another member who met her while she was working at a gas station.
When she first answered the door, she sounded like she was busy. We
asked to share a quick video (the Because of Him video) and after
watching it we were able to go inside and teach about the Restoration.
( I love that video so much). I could tell that she appreciated how
simple and straightforward our explanation was of how Christ's church
was restored. Her work has her scheduled to work on Sunday, but she
says that she is trying to get Sunday's off so hopefully that will
happen soon. :)

Picture 1 & 2: flat tire :(
Picture 3: giant asparagus
Picture 4: sunset

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