Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Messages From Sister Olsen (2 Weeks)

Hi y'all,

This was such a great week here in Texas. We were able to find and teach a lot of new people. Jeanne is still doing great. We were able to have her come to the chapel for a church tour with a family in the ward. We were able to show her all the different rooms and paintings in the chapel and she was able to feel the spirit inside. We were really happy that everything worked out so that we were able to do that with her. 

We had zone conference this week. It was fun to hear all of the different music numbers. Sister Polley talked about the Wise Men from the Nativity. She focused on how they received revelation to go and visit the Savior. She likened that to us and how we can act on the promptings we get. I loved studying the Nativity story more in depth this week and seeing how we can follow the example of the Wise men and Shepherds. 
Merry Christmas!

Sister Olsen 

Hello Everyone, 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Christmas was amazing here in Texas.  Jeanne came to church on Christmas and she loved it so much.  The ward was so great and everyone came up to introduce themselves. Afterwards, she told us how much love she felt.  We are super happy that she came because it means that she is on tract to be baptized January 14th. So, we will be busy the next couple of weeks teaching her the rest of the lessons and planning her baptism. We had dinner with her Christmas Eve and she loved watching the little kids reenact the Nativity story. We also played Christmas carols with pipes. 

This week I also went on exchanges with Sister Judd, so I spent the day in the Helotes area. This also meant I got to spend the day in a car. It was a lot of fun to learn from her and to teach the people in her area. Sister Atkins stayed in our area and was with Sister Nate.  Their day went a little bit differently. After removing tile for service, they walked home to realize that they were completely locked out of the apartment.  An hour and a half later the other sisters were able to let them in. Later that night the home button on her Ipad broke and locked her out of her Ipad.  After we exchanged back we fixed her Ipad and everything is good now.  

Fixing Sister Atkins' Ipad took us to the mission office. While we were there we were able to find the Book of Mormon on tape. We having been trying to get Jeanne the Book of Mormon on CD so she can listen to it (she doesn't have a computer). We thought we had found it, but when we got home we realized they were cassettes tapes. This lead us to tract down a cassette player. Sister Atkins also discovered a new talent. She can fix broken cassette tapes. So, the miracle is that Jeanne can now listen to the Book of Mormon. 

I love being a missionary! I have learned so much here and I look forward to the new year and all the many miracles I will be able to see here in Texas. My testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has grown so much! Above all, I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that we can always turn to him for peace and guidance. 

Happy New Year!

Sister Olsen

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